Upgrade With Chris

Having been in the real estate industry for over a decade coupled with my comprehensive knowledge of the city, I strive to guide my clients every step of the way and ensure they make informed decisions when it comes to their properties that will ultimately benefit them and their families in the long-run.


Start investing in your property today.

With Chris, you can diversify your real estate portfolio.

Step 01:
Initial Consultation

The meeting will take place in person or over Zoom, so I can get an understanding of your needs, goals, as well as your current situation.

During this consultation, we’ll discuss the latest market trends and opportunities relevant to your situation. When discussing these options, I will also request your financial information so I can prepare the numbers and show you all the options available to you in the second consultation.

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Step 02:
Second Consultation

During this session, I’ll present to you the options that are available to you based on the needs and goals you shared with me during our first consultation.

Based on your loan and resources, I’ll prepare your financial figures and present you with all your best options. Here, I’ll share with you the execution strategy that best suits the situation on the ground, whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market as well as the dynamics of demand and supply.

Lastly, if you are interested in selling your existing property, I will provide you with a marketing strategy to get you the best price and plan your next purchase in terms of timelines and cash flow.

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Step 03:
Begin your Upgrade
With Chris!

Once you’re happy with my proposed plans, we’ll begin the property journey and Upgrade With Chris! Throughout the process, regular feedback will be provided so that you remain in the loop.

Step 04:
Goals achieved!

In order to conclude the whole upgrading process well, we will have a final meeting to summarise the entire process.

Step 05:
Yearly review of your property portfolio

We will get together for coffee so we can review your portfolio and figure out our next steps. Additionally, I will update you on the latest market trends and opportunities for your knowledge.

Discover how to spot investment properties with Chris.

Purchase Your Dream Home With Chris

Extensive experience and knowledge

I specialise in residential property in Singapore and have been in the industry for over a decade. Helping my clients find their dream home or achieve their property goals is one of my favourite aspects of my work. With my knowledge of the vibrant city, I strive to provide my clients with ideal locations by understanding your personalities and preferences in order to better guide you towards the neighbourhoods that are ideal for you and your family.

Seeing the positive impact my work have on their families brings meaning and purpose to my life. Being able to change the lives of my customers for the better and put them and their families in a better position for the future makes me feel fulfilled!

A comprehensive service

I pride myself on providing clients with an all-encompassing service that meets their needs and addresses their wants. My goal is to guide you towards your asset progression goals, so feel free to share them with me! My services include:

  • New Launch Property Projects
  • Asset Progression Planning
  • Sell and Buy Property Planning
  • Leasing Property
  • Real Estate Investment Planning
  • Portfolio Restructuring
  • Spotting Investment Grade Properties For Capital Appreciation & Rental Returns
  • Yearly Property Portfolio Review Over Coffee

As a professional practising in the property industry, I am always up-to-date on the latest property news, trends, and regulations, so I can provide valuable guidance to my customers when making changes to their portfolios.

Seamless buying and selling process

I provide my clients with the assurance that I will be there for them every step of the way. A strong grasp of both property knowledge and policy regulations will allow the customer to make the right decision when purchasing a property. In this way, my customers can always expect smooth, stress-free transactions.

Plus, being up-to-date on the market and my connections with other agents and publications put me in a strong position to negotiate for the best deals on the market and ensure that your property fetches a good price. Connect with me today and you’ll be well on your way to your dream home(s)!